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Use Cases

Siam Cement Group (SCG)

Thailand Siam Group (SCG) and ZiFiSense jointly developed a series industrial AIoT Sensors based on ZETA technology, and have gradually realized the intelligent management and predictive maintenance for their machines. At the same time, SCG is also promoting the application of ZETA technology and related IoT solutions in scenarios such as smart buildings, smart factories, and smart cities in Southeast Asia.



Visualization of supply chain

As an automotive OEM, ZETA helps SAIC-GM-Wuling build a digital and intelligent logistics platform, realizes visual management of packaging and containers for JIT, warehousing, etc., while reducing costs and increasing efficiency, optimizing supply chain logistics resources, serving agile manufacturing, and responding to flexible production.

South Cement Company

Predictive maintenance

South Cement Company adopted ZETA Network and Edge-AI vibration sensor solutions. We build a ZETA ubiquitous IoT network for cement plants, provide predictive maintenance of rotating equipments. Other IoT hardware for inspection can easily add-on through the ZETA Network.



By deploying the ZETA IoT private network, BAOWU’s factory is able to comprehensively monitor energy usage, optimize system processes, reduce energy consumption, and increase production efficiency.

Guangxi China Post

China Tower and ZiFiSense jointly launched the "ZETag parcel geolocation service system" to provide Guangxi China Post with a full-process visual tracking service for valuable parcels: real-time tracking from delivery to receipt, abnormal transportation routes and opening of alarms during transportation, and real-time acquisition of temperature data, etc., which greatly improves the quality of express delivery services.

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